Amazon Alexa integration makes our Ram trucks for sale near Roanoke even more appealing!

Ask drivers from all over Virginia what they love about the Ram trucks for sale at our dealership near Roanoke, and you'll get all kinds of answers. For some folks from Amherst, it's hard to beat the towing capacity of models like the Ram 2500, while others from Bedford love the handling dynamics of models like the Ram 1500. But more and more these days, we've noticed people are drawn not just to the sheer brawn of our Ram trucks, but also the brains, so to speak. And with new cutting edge tech coming to the Ram lineup year after year, it's easy to see why our new Ram trucks are so appealing to drivers from all corners of Virginia.

Now, one of the coolest things about most new Ram trucks is how easy it is to pair their UConnect infotainment system to your mobile phone with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It makes it effortlessly easy to make calls and answer texts safely through voice commands and intuitive controls on the steering wheel, allowing you to simply stay focused on the road.

However, a recent update rolled out that allows many of the new Ram trucks for sale here in Lynchburg to pair not just with your phone but also your Amazon Alexa digital assistant at home.

This new integration allows you to do things like remotely unlock and lock your car's doors, start or stop the engine, send directions to your car's navigation system and much more. Best of all, with the intuitive voice commands on your connected Alexa devices, you can do all this from the comfort of your own home, so it's perfect for warming your truck up as you get ready on those rainy spring mornings.

With fresh tech like Amazon Alexa integration, is it any wonder why drivers from Roanoke to Forest, VA come in to browse our new inventory here at Billy Craft Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on a daily basis? So, if you're interested in adding a new Ram truck to your garage, drop by our showroom in Lynchburg, VA today to chat about our latest Ram truck financing options today.

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